TRACK OF THE DAY: Heads Off – Hologram

TRACK OF THE DAY: Heads Off - Hologram

With a sound powered by filthy bass, raucous hooks, low budget production and a no-bullshit attitude, the Sheffield outfit Heads Off have stepped it up a notch on their brilliant third album ‘Everything Is Everything Else’, released last week.

The album’s most immediate highlight comes in the form of the surging ‘Hologram’, where delicious fat bass and post-punk guitars are twisted into a psychedelic lo-fi brew of muddy grooves and sprawling atmosphere.

Elsewhere on the album, there’s ‘Reptiles Around You’s rattling punk chaos, the hard rock riffage and infectious call-and-response verses on ‘Black Magic’, and the rampant rockabilly shoegaze weirdness of ‘At One With Doom’. The fearless ‘Antisocial Me’ contains a great solo, while ‘In Misery’ turns out to be a skewed motorik monster, and ‘No Escape’ is infused with an oriental-tinted guitar hook. The forceful, driving riffs of ‘Rotting’ provide another standout moment, and ‘Take Back Control’ is nonsense-free punk rock fun that makes way for a country-flavoured reprise of the opening ‘Reptiles Around You’. The band are fronted by vocalist/bassist Danny Lowe, who also plays in the legendary Babybird. The group also features Dave Attwood on drums and Ian Hutchinson on guitar.

A loud, riotous and rude album.

Find it on Bandcamp HERE.

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