Track of the Day: Feed The Kid - 'IN THE CITY’

Track of the Day: Feed The Kid - 'IN THE CITY’

Mancunian blues-revivalists FEED THE KID aim high with double barrelled single release via taste-making imprint B33 Records. Following a prologue of sell-out headline performances at some of Manchester’s most prestigious venues, Feed The Kid are back to solidify their status as the undisputed champions of primal rock and roll.

Invoking the pleasantly swampy, right in the pocket rock of the early 1970s - the group are best thought of as a sort of Manchester Clearwater Revival - closer to Hulme than the Bayou - their songs are incandescent with civic centre references and odes to this great region.

The first of two tub-thumping new singles ‘In The City’ (released September 23) is similarly rooted in the doleful minutia of Greater Manchester, the refrain ‘how this rainy city cries’ reiterates the mundanity of life in our apathetic Northern heartlands. Vocalist Curtis Taylor elaborates;

“People are struggling all over. It is about our city, but then every city is the same. it chews you up and spits you out. Capitalism at its peak. Even though we are not a punk band this has a longing for rebellion. Call it what you want, punk, psychedelic, rock and roll, punkadelica. Its soundtrack for the rebellion.”

The rough edged delivery of the vocals and a deft lyrical sentiment Curtis conveys is key to Feed The Kid’s appeal. Feverish growling is used in all the right places while the rest of the band keep a taught and disciplined performance - from the soft round tones of the Wurlitzer to Irish-born Ciaran Egan’s folk-fuelled strumming.

If ‘In The City’ gives you a tremor for the youth of today, second single ‘Century’ provides the aftershock. A sapient Curtis Taylor explains;

“This song is more relaxed, but picks on our country influences. Its still about modern life, but the sleazy aspect. There's only lust in modern day life -‘when i come the loneliness subsides’. It's all plastic, top to bottom.”


Sep 23 - In The City Release Day // Pretty Green In Store & MCR secret party

Sept 24 - Victoria Warehouse with Primal Scream, Black Grape - Manchester

Oct 8 - Neighbourhood Festival - Manchester

Oct 14 - In The City launch party at The Live Room (This Feeling Radio X)

Nov 10 - Riverside - Newcastle w/ Audioweb

Nov 12 - Sound Control, Manchester

Nov 16 - 100 Club - London w/ Audioweb

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