TRACK OF THE DAY: DILLY DALLY - "Desire" - Watch video

TRACK OF THE DAY: DILLY DALLY - "Desire" - Watch video

Dilly Dally have shared the video for their new single "Desire". Directed by Benjamin Dabu (who also directed Dilly Dally's video for "Candy Mountain"), the footage was shot in and around the band's native Toronto. The video stars the four band members in various scenarios, as they start to daydream. As their minds wander, the four come together, performing and posing in a pastel-draped fantasy environment. That's all alongside a literal embodiment of Monks' desire that she's screaming about, dressed in lingerie and dripping in milk.

"Allowing yourself to dream, and fantasize, is something that happens mostly in your youth," Katie Monks explains. "While we grew up in the wretchedly boring / culturally dry depths of Suburbia, there wasn't much else to do but dream all day. We were still babies, and it seemed as though anything was possible. All in our mid twenties now, we've been hacking away at those goals in the city of Toronto for years. We've grown sour, sore, and even bitter at times... but those daydreaming skills have never faded."

This video is an ode to that youthful part of yourself that lets you escape your daily routine and unleash whatever strange ideas you may have up there (in your soul or mind or whatever). Sex, music, perfume, silk sheets & swank champagne... I don't give a fuck what is. Discover what it is you want or need in your life and chase it down with every bit of strength you've got. And remember, your friends can always help you out: Director Benjamin Dabu, came with us on a mad run last month trying to make some of these visions a reality. The journey of it all was a beautiful mess, and shit ton of fun. Cheers to you, Ben. Much love."

Dabu added: ""Desire'"is a celebration of the beauty of imagination and the never ending journey to integrate both realities together and ultimately 'live the dream.'"

Dilly Dally's debut album, Sore, will be released on 9th October 2015 via Partisan. Sore is heavy and melodic. The record has nods to Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Distillers, and The Pogues. Lead singer and guitaris Katie Monks calls it "All that and a bag of weed."

After years of rotating members (founding member & guitarist Liz Ball and Monks have traded out three drummers and bassists), they have settled with Benjamin Reinhartz on drums and Jimmy Tony on bass. This combination has resulted in a debut that sweeps the listener into Monks' psyche, as she screams in a coarse holler that chameleons, sliding in cadence and scale. Monks paints pictures of snakes crawling out of her head, while Ball adds simple, sparkling guitar leads that cut through the wall of fuzz and pedals. Reinhartz's drumming is instinctual, driving forward, while Jimmy Tony carries the melody along with his simple and effective bass lines. Dilly Dally plays like one person, a unit that works to infect the audience. The band's debut is strong work, due in part to production from Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Greys) and Leon Taheny (Owen Pallett, Austra, Dusted).

"We started a band because we believed in ourselves," says Monks, "and we believed in Music -- almost like it was a religion... Sore is an album about rebirth...hence its disgusting guitar tones and constant moaning. What can I say, happiness is a struggle, but the last thing I'd ever want you or anyone else to do is give up that fight."

Sore is a dynamic album that rarely lets up. The pop sensibilities shine through the noise. This is what makes Dilly Dally feel like an updated version of the quiet-loud-quiet simplicity coined by the Pixies and mimicked by Nirvana's fleet.

Dilly Dally Sore tracklisting
01. Desire
02. Ballin Chain
03. Snake Head
04. The Touch
05. Next Gold
06. Purple Rage
07. Get To You
08. Witch Man
09. Green
10. Ice Cream
11. Burned By The Cold

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