Track Of The Day: Big Spring - 'On A Bamboo Sleeping Mat'

Track Of The Day: Big Spring - 'On A Bamboo Sleeping Mat'

Big Spring, the melody-driven alternative rock three-piece who have been kicking up dust with their impassioned live set and explosive song-writing, are ready to unleash their new single 'On A Bamboo Sleeping Mat'. The song combines Big Spring’s raucous energy and riffs of early 90s grunge rock bands with the fuzz and execution akin to desert rock legends Queens of the Stone Age.

Following on from the appetite teasing ‘Buzzards Leave The Bones’, and being described by Daniel P Carter as “the best new band in Britain”, the new single 'On A Bamboo Sleeping Mat' is lining up to be a defining punch in the band’s career.

“It’s a song that deals with the idea of separation,” writes bassist Alex Loring, “through the story of an astronaut who, in a state of confusion bordering on psychosis, starts to vividly hallucinate and lose his inhibitions.”

Continuing true to form, the release of ‘On A Bamboo Sleeping Mat’ comes ahead of an exciting summer for the band who, amongst a host of other festivals, will be performing for the first time at Reading & Leeds on the Daniel P Carter curated “The Pit” stage.

Big Spring look to let nothing stand in their way as they blaze a trail to the forefront of rock consciousness with “On A Bamboo Sleeping Mat” and EP dropping later in 2016, and dominate stages throughout the rest of the year.

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