TORGNY – Announces new album ‘Cut & Run’ + new single ‘Dreams’

TORGNY - Announces new album 'Cut & Run' + new single 'Dreams'

On May 26th Torgny will release the third and final part of the ‘Cut & Run’ trilogy, which alongside the two first parts completes the album ‘Cut & Run’. Torgny explains: “Cut and run is an old expression, used in situations where one had to cut the anchor and sail away at full speed. This is the mood that I feel best describes the songs on the album. I also really like the words on their own. Their aggression and energy”.

The resulting collection of nine songs make up a unique and dynamic musical journey, both as a whole and on their own. Musically, the former hardcore singer has created a fascinating mix of melody, vulnerability, razor-sharp synths and controlled aggression.

Inspired by punk, hip hop and folk, the former hardcore singer not only delivers expressive energy, but also escapist melancholy through electronic gems tinted with Maria Due’s vocals. The album is co-produced by Per Vigmostad form the legendary Oslo band King Midas.

As far as the lyrics go, ‘Cut & Run’ can probably best be described as a crossroads album.

Torgny elaborates: “I’m not in my twenties anymore and the album is characterized by the feeling of living in a grown up reality, while at the same time feeling like a kid. The majority of the songs are about time passing by quickly, loss, and the ever changing swing of things that sometimes even happens without oneself noticing it.”

The political situation in Europe and in other parts of the world has also made its mark on ‘Cut & Run’.

“The whole process of making this album started in early 2015, around the time of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. I woke up and felt like I was living in a new kind of Europe. At the same time I felt that these terrorists aren’t necessarily monsters, but that their behaviour stems from a deep sense of alienation and masculine issues. And various issues of different kinds are definitely something that has seeped into my songs”.

The visuals for the album is a collaboration with artist Willibald Storm. And the two music videos released from the album until now can be seen here:

Tracklist ‘Cut & Run’:

1. Ghost

2. Peacock (feat. Maria Due)

3. Sunday Rain

4. Storm Chaser (feat. Maria Due)

5. Dreams

6. All The Scars

7. Into The Night (feat. Maria Due)

8. LSD

9. Elegy For Hassan

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