Today THE RINGARDS release 'Paradise Milk' - Listen Now

Today THE RINGARDS release 'Paradise Milk' - Listen Now

Today The Ringards release 'Paradise Milk'. 'Paradise Milk' is an ode to Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his poem, Kubla Khan. It is a self-interpretation and allusion to the milk of paradise described in Coleridge’s work. A reflection opposing the utopian escapade and the darkness amid the reality. The song ponders on what is right or wrong, on what is pleasure or what is terror and most importantly can a man live a hedonistic life without it impacting his physical and emotional state negatively. It's asking yourself: can the dream better the reality, and can the dream interact in all sanity with reality.

The Ringards are a newly formed band based in Hackney, London. It's all still very fresh for them, having only been together as the full line up since March 2018. In that short time, they've managed to get positive reviews in a number of online music blogs, as well as radio play in multiple countries and the band is starting to fill up bookings for this year.

The alternative four-piece flirt with post-punk influences giving the sound a mixture of classic high energy songs, loud and quiet, with big sing-along choruses. Each track is a different journey filled with catchy and memorable lyrics. Enzo (lead vocal and rhythm guitar) was born in France but moved to Los Angeles at a young age where he lived most of his life. Prior to the band, Enzo worked in music video production and was involved in various projects for artists such as Justice, The Weeknd, Future...

But it was in 2017 that he decided to turn the page and move to London to pursue his own musical career. That’s where he met Preston native Freddie who now acts as guitarist and producer of the band. After spending some time locked away in a garden shed the boys self-produced a number of demos, they were later on joined by Gary on bass and Joao on drums. Gary haling from Northern Ireland and Joao from Brazil, both moving to London, set on finding a band and making it.

Listen to 'Paradise Milk' - BELOW:


17th July - Night & Day Cafe - Manchester,

20th July - Roadtrip London

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