THE TAYLOR TWINS release their debut single ‘Lost All The Summer’ - Listen Now!

THE TAYLOR TWINS release their debut single ‘Lost All The Summer’ - Listen Now!

The Taylor Twins first emerged as Butterfly in 2020, earning introductory airplay at Radio 1, 6 Music and Radio X for their EP ‘Ranger 1’. They were also tipped by veterans musicians and rising talents alike, with praise from artists including Ruban Nielson (Unknown Mortal Orchestra), Sean Ono Lennon, Willie J Healey, Blaine Harrison (Mystery Jets) and Dave Gregory (XTC). They even gained traction in the US, with plays from the larger-than-life industry icon Rodney Bingenheimer.

Having decided to capitalise on their distinctive image by relaunching as The Taylor Twins, the duo now share their debut single ‘Lost All The Summer’. The track is out now on their own indie label Rørvig Records, a name that references their Scandinavian roots.

‘Lost All The Summer’ resuscitates an array of classic guitar-based genres for 2021, its mix of layered vocal harmonies, honeyed melodies, and abrasive guitar drawing on ‘60s psychedelia, power-pop, glam rock and a dash of grunge. It’s the perfect backdrop for the brothers’ bittersweet lyrics, which discuss the melancholy of missing opportunities while also having the dogged determination to learn from such mistakes. Although it was written about personal experiences, it can also be interpreted as speaking to the masses of people who are determined that this summer will be better than the last.

The Taylor Twins commented, “‘Lost All The Summer’ is an expression of frustration about missing out on things in the past, and knowing better this time, making the most of everything life has to offer from now on. It’s about growing into yourself.”

Listen to ‘Lost All The Summer’ - BELOW:

Originally from just north of London, The Taylor Twins are 22-year-old brothers Ollie (vocals/guitar) and Eddie Taylor (vocals/bass). They both showed talent as children, and their passion for music really exploded in their teens. Although their first rehearsal space (a tin-roofed garden shed) was far from ideal, it gave the space and the groundwork for their talents as multi-instrumentalists to prosper.

Their influences converged between the iconic guitar bands that soundtracked their youth - The Strokes, The White Stripes and Kings Of Leon - but they were just as inspired by influential artists from the past, primarily Neil Young, The Beatles and Sparks. Another of their early favourites, Mystery Jets, had a part to play in their development. They met Blaine Harrison and Jack Flanagan backstage at a gig, and they’ve since become the twins’ friends and mentors.

Their initial progress as Butterfly was paused when the band’s other members left in the wake of lockdown. Undeterred by an apparently bleak future for musicians, they built a home studio (again a shed, but this time soundproofed!) to give them the freedom to write, record and rehearse whenever needed. Packed with vintage and analogue, the studio also enabled them to record and engineer for other artists too. And by the summer of 2020, they had everything in place for their relaunch as The Taylor Twins.

Now their luminous sound and luscious production feels close in spirit to Ty Segall, Pond or The Lemon Twigs. Their bohemian style is the way they are rather than any contrived image. If you spot them in the local pub or supermarket, they’ll still look perfectly poised to step on-stage at a moment’s notice. As they explain, their philosophy is simple: “Music is there to entertain, to provoke, to thrill and to give people something they crave. So why not give them a real show?”

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