THE DEAD DEADS release video for “Deal With Me” on International Women’s Day

THE DEAD DEADS release video for "Deal With Me" on International Women's Day

THE DEAD DEADS, the Nashville-based power trio that combines elements of alt-rock, punk rock, and metal into a fingerprint-distinct blend, have shared the video for “Deal With Me.”

The track arrives on International Women’s Day and will live on the band’s upcoming album, ‘Tell Your Girls It’s Alright’, due out this summer. Stay tuned for more details on the album release.

“From King Buzzo’s hair to the Iceman guitar, my goal was to be a little extra for this video,” says the band’s lead vocalist/guitarist Meta Dead. “As humans, we often find ourselves catering our looks, words, and actions to different sets of expectations. ‘Deal With Me’ addresses those concerns with a new mantra: “You’re gonna have to deal with me.’ Whether it’s an NFL player snagging an interception, a transgender politician taking office, or a fourth-grader wearing a tutu to school, the message is the same — ‘I bring something unique to the table, I’m doing what I was born to do, and I guess you’re just going to have to deal with me.’ “

She furthers, “From the time we wrote the song, we’ve used ‘Deal with me’ as the go-to punctuation for anything funny, silly, powerful, relentless, brilliant, or embarrassing we might do. It’s just a magical phrase. It’s a homage to ‘We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it.’ And the beautiful thing is — it’s for literally everyone.”

Watch ‘Deal With Me’ – BELOW:

Featuring McQueen on drums, Daisy on bass, and Meta on guitar, The Dead Deads play with metal and grunge riffs and fashion them into pop hooks, laced with dynamic vocals that range from sweet melodies and harmonies to screams and even the occasional growl. The end result is sonically exhilarating.

The Dead Deads have established themselves as a live act not to be missed, performing on more than a dozen U.S. tours, two Canadian tours, and four cruises. They were also invited to join tours with Seether, Bush, Chevelle, Stone Sour, and other national acts. To date, the trio has released a live album, two studio albums, and a split 7-inch single.

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