Watch the electronic version of THE ANCHORESS new single 'You & Only You' ft Philip Reach

Watch the electronic version of THE ANCHORESS new single 'You & Only You' ft Philip Reach

Songs can evolve in all sorts of directions. Rising star The Anchoress' new single 'You And Only You' is no different. Testament to this are the five versions of the track available on the You and Only You EP, released Jan 8th 2016, ahead of her debut album Confession of a Romance Novelist, due on Jan 15th 2016.

Last week, Catherine Anne Davies aka songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and storyteller The Anchoress revealed the self-edited "portrait of an artist" video for the version of 'You And Only You' featuring the operatic indie-wail of Mansun's Paul Draper as a guest vocalist.

Today, in conjunction with AppleMusic Connect, she has revealed the electronic version of the track, which came from a collaboration with Philip Reach. The video references The Anchoress' misspent youth training to become a dancer - a career scuppered by breaking her back and pelvis in a nasty fall, which led to her locking herself away at the piano to work on her early recordings.

ft Philip Reach video:

Directed by Tom Payne. Edited by Martin Jarrett.

The video was directed by Oliver Cross & Frances Main, and edited by Catherine Anne Davies aka The Anchoress.


Speaking about the track, The Anchoress says:

"This is the only song on the album that I wrote entirely on the guitar, when my hand was too badly mangled to play the piano (studio related injury...) and I had to wear a metal cast for months even to turn door handles. The song went through three different incarnations before it decided it wanted to be a duet (with co-producer Paul Draper on joint wailing duties here). We ended up recording this final version in my snatched sleepless so-called “days off” from the UK leg of the Simple Minds tour, replaying the guitar over the original drum, bass, and organ takes from the first studio sessions.

"Originally it was something I’d written for my best friend, who had just come out of her first long term relationship after enduring horrific brain surgery from a burst aneurysm. Lyrically, I guess it continues with the album’s dominant themes of deconstructing normative ideas of love and romance. No 'baby, baby''s here. This woman just basically wants you to leave her the fuck alone.

"There’s another duet version with a full string section that we recorded just before the one that you hear on the album. I said to Paul that we had to scrap it due him sounding too much like Barry Gibb on the middle eight... Christ knows what I’m saying in French at the end. I don’t actually remember recording that due to an overabundance of Tramadol."

This track is taken from the 5-track You and Only You EP which is available to pre-order now.

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