Southend-on-Sea’s THE SCARLETTS release debut single “In The Mirror”

Southend-on-Sea's THE SCARLETTS release debut single

Southend-on-Sea’s The Scarletts debut single “In The Mirror” arrives this month on their own label, Strange Day Records. Recalling the immediacy and excitement of early Echo and the Bunnymen, and joining dots between reference points encompassing the Velvets, the Cure, and Cocteau Twins, The Scarletts have already rattled stages up and down the UK

Drawing on the darker side of new wave and laced with psychedelia, The Scarletts are a powerful and potent sinewy five piece. Hailing from the same Thames Delta primordial soup as their friends Asylums and the Cool Thing Records gang, the local lineage also includes Dr. Feelgood, The Horrors, and These New Puritans, The Scarletts can’t help but be infused with the same nocturnal magic as their musical forebears; and it would seem that they are destined to follow the same path in taking their sound to a waiting world – backed up by early glowing recognition from the likes of Merc and Fred Perry.

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