Open House Festival

Open House Festival has joined forces with Snow Patrol to curate a line-up of exciting bands, musicians and electronic DJs to play in eight Bangor pubs on Friday 24th May – the night before the Ward Park 3 concert.  And it’s all free.

Ward Park Free, supported by Harp, features established names such as Ryan McMullan plus up-and-coming artists from Bangor, Belfast and beyond, including Hunkpapa and New Pagans – an eclectic selection that both Open House and Snow Patrol believe reflects the quality and diversity of the local music scene.

The music will start at 10 pm – and it’s all free. Participating pubs to date include The Goat’s Toe, Donegan’s, Hop House, Fealty’s, Wolsey’s, Rabbit Rooms, The Jamaica Inn and Jenny Watts.

“Gary is passionate about supporting local live music and Open House Festival is dedicated to the regeneration of Bangor, so the idea of working together seemed really natural,” says Open House Festival Director, Kieran Gilmore. “People coming out and supporting local bars in their home town is vital for the local economy, and an occasion like Ward Park Free gives the community here something tangible to celebrate. We’re thrilled to be associated with it, and for the opportunity to showcase local talent, and we look forward to an exciting time ahead.”

Further details, individual venue line-ups and timings are available on our website

Ward Park

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