ROE releases new single ‘Cold Feet’ & announces her debut album ’That’s When The Panic Sets In’ – out September 23rd


ROE releases her new single ‘Cold Feet’ on 22nd July and announces the release date for her debut album ’That’s When The Panic Sets In’ – September 23rd. After dropping the first half of her debut album ‘That’s When The Panic Sets In’ in June, ROE is back with a new single and a date for the release of the full album on Sept 23rd.

With shades of ‘Daughter’ and ‘Sharon Von Etten’, Cold Feet is a brooding and driving slice of indie piano pop written about the struggles of Imposter Syndrome.

“I wrote Cold Feet about my imposter syndrome. Regularly I feel like a stranger in my own body and start to doubt my own actions. It’s difficult to feel like you’re worth something when there’s a voice in the back of your mind saying that you don’t really belong here. It’s also something I struggle talking about with anyone, so I guess this song is my way around that. Every time I play it on stage the fear gets a little smaller.”

Listen to 'Cold Feet' - BELOW:


‘That’s When The Panic Sets In’ is released on Friday 23rd September

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