Drummer Si Wolstencroft hardly needs an introduction. Famous on the Manchester scene for turning down the Smiths back in the early days. He played in The Patrol before they became the Stone Roses and was in the Fall for 11 years. He once met Nico (from Velvet Underground) in a pub in Hulme and has a book out You Can Drum But You Can’t Hide about his life and passion for music.

His new band the G-O-D (Grafters of Denton) have recently released their debut EP. It features guitarist Chris Bridgett, formerly of Dub Sex another of Manchester’s best, known as the ‘lost’ Manchester band that had John Peel as a fan. They played three local gigs recently: their first headline show in Levenshulme’s Klondyke Club, a David Bowie memorial at Sound Control and then at Aatma (formerly KRAAK) in the Northern Quarter.

Straightaway first track, Drive Away the Rain reminded me of Ian Dury and the Blockheads with a great bassline. It’s very reminiscent of early 80s with a complete mix including Depeche Mode sounding electronica and punkish vocals. The sound-effects of the rain and the line “Woke up in Manchester in the pouring rain again” is very apt because as I write this, it is a very wet weekend here in Manchester and it definitely has that vibe to it.

Track two Just Looking changes tempo completely and slows right down. It sounds quite 60s and reminded me vocally very much of the 70s prog/space rock band Here and Now before adding crunchy guitars into the mix. I love the line “We are all just looking down the barrel of a gun”.

Final track There Goes My Baby references Bowie and Bolan. It is pure glam rock meeting Iggy Pop. They could have easily rested on their laurels but all in all each song is unique enough in their own way to want to hear more.

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