Review: Blondage EP – Blondage


Review: Blondage EP – Blondage

Today marks the release of the self-titled debut EP from Blondage, the Danish electronic-duo comprising of Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith –Sivertsen who are based in Copenhagen. The EP is mixed by Esben and Mags Norgaard while Bjorn Ebgelmann has mastered and is released via Tambourhinoceros (Palace Winter, Cancer, IRAH). Blondage have impressed listeners and music industry alike with their seductive singles and visually stunning music videos. As a result the duo have amassed streams in the millions, airplay, as well as club and festival shows in most of Europe and a rapidly growing fan base.

Back in April this year they changed their name from Rangleklods and since then have worked hard in completing the transformation from the experimental and electronic solo-project that began their collaboration to the full blown electronic pop duo they’ve evolved into. XS Noize made the lead single from the EP, Dive (their first release since the name change) “Track of the Day” ,describing the song as “a delicious dance delight – contemporary and direct and showcases the duo’s exceptional production. Crisp and to the point, the vocals and lead synthesizers deliver crystal clear catchy hooks while playful samples and percussion spice up the driving beat. And whilst the band do not care for genre, the influences of rave and club sounds are there helping to create a top electronic earworm of a song that has an instant appeal.”

Blondage make more use of the playful synth samples on the opening track Lucky Black Skirt. It’s a groovy, gorgeous mix of Esben’s cool vocal, dancing with Pernille’s backing vocal. The use of an EWI (electronic wind instrument) adds a musical texture that is rich and fluid. And still, when you really listen, there are snaps, crackles and pops that add vibrancy to the vibe. The third track, BEG, slows us down in tempo and into a sexy universe with both Esben and Pernille on lead vocals. It’s lush on atmosphere and carries a tight, bass-filled beat where the vocals and short breaks weave in and out before more rhythmic and tonal layers are added and shows off the band’s ability to create songs that are multi-faceted on production.

A single heavy piano note opens Pray before Esben sings “you’re like a choirboy praying”. Sins are about to be confessed here and gospel samples strike like lightning throughout the song. Esben’s futuristic –sounding vocal carries a menace as he preaches “If love is a drug – I’m hooked”. The song isn’t as instantly appealing as the catchy “Dive” and “Lucky Black Skirt” but there’s a lot of good stuff going on and trust me, with a repeated listen you may find yourself hooked too. Pray showcases perfectly the experimental part of the band’s characters. Their clever use of autotune and sampling techniques create a song that is dark and dynamic.

The EP ends with FLF (Feel Like Falling) – Pernille uses her angelic vocal to whisper her longing in the verse and the electronic, R&B infused sounds create a sound here that is hypnotic, warped and diverse. It contains a fusion of all the different elements that Blondage are inspired by underlined by a heavy electronic club influence and showcases the “Darkness and Light” atmospheres that they enjoy experimenting with. Here is a band that have truly found their own, unique sound and deliver it with ice cool style and panache.

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