TRACK OF THE DAY: Blondage – ‘Call It Off’

TRACK OF THE DAY: Blondage - 'Call It Off'

It’s always interesting listening to a new single from Danish duo Blondage as each release is quite unpredictable. They are well-known and loved for their experimental, electronic, hard-edged pop. But there is always something just a little bit brilliant and hypnotic about the songs they create. Each song really feels like a musical piece of art.

Call It Off – their latest single is a schizophrenic, hyperactive breakup song constantly shifting between anger and ecstasy. The track is jam-packed with Esben’s playful samples and punchy percussion whilst accompanied by Pernille’s quirky “flute-like” vocal. Stabbing string arrangements drive the sound into bouncy pop – as Pernille proclaims –“You never give a damn about the things I do, for you” then instantly recalls with regret “sipping gin in the moonlight……” It’s such a carefully crafted track that weaves seamlessly between the two emotions of sadness and sassiness that one experiences after a broken heart.

The song, despite its subject matter, has a real, uplifting positive energy and it struts assuredly to its end with a bittersweet repeat of “I’ll never love somebody like I love you – I do”. Pernille: Call It Off is in many ways a mystery to us. We feel like we’ve written a pretty sad breakup song, but then it leaves you with a sensation of hope and urge to break free and freak out on the dance floor instead of feeling sorry for yourself. To me, it’s because of the constant switch between melancholia and a hyper, bubbling energy.

Listen to ‘Call It Off’ BELOW:

Esben: “There are elements in this song that really shouldn’t blend well together; lullaby melodies, rave-like samples, epic string arrangements and fast, cheeky vocal hooks. But I guess that’s what we love about this song. It has an energy you can’t ignore.”

Pernille: “When we’ve played it live this summer people have been raving. At one point they’re swaying from side to side, the next jumping on the spot and ultimately they’re headbanging. I’ve never had this much fun performing a song ever!”

Tour dates

Oct 13, 2017 – Horsens, Kulisselageret, DK
Oct 14, 2017 – Aarhus, Atlas DK
Oct 20, 2017 – Aalborg, Studenterhuset, DK
Oct 21, 2017 – Vejle, Bygningen, DK
Oct 27, 2017 – København, Lille Vega, DK
Nov 03, 2017 – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen – London, UK

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