TRACK OF THE DAY: Blondage – “Stoned” – (OTR Remix)

TRACK OF THE DAY: Blondage – “Stoned” – (OTR Remix)
Photo by Jason Idris Alami

Danish experimental pop-duo Blondage celebrate the success of their piercing pop hymn “Stoned” and shares Atlanta, Georgia beatmaker OTR’s percussive yet atmospheric remix of the track. The original song’s infectious chorus is left intact while more experimental synths are added by OTR.

The use of just two chords of pensive piano enhances the chilled vibe of the original and adds soft tones to the summery sass. As OTR states:

"Making even the slightest tweak can change the whole dynamic of a Blondage song because of how much weight there is with the vocals. It was a ton of fun maintaining their original flair while adding a little bit of myself."

Listen to “Stoned” – (OTR Remix) BELOW:

At the centre of the song is still Pernille’s piercing vocal underpinned with the trademark Blondage electronic edge – but the remix gives the song a more delicate and dreamy feel. Pernille goes on to say:

"OTR made a great remix of Stoned that tells another side of the song's story. We love the chill vibe and how the instrumental colours the lyrics in a melancholic and beautiful way."

“Stoned (OTR Remix)” is out now and Blondage is on the road in the Autumn - catch them if you can at The Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London on Nov 3rd 2017.

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