ON THE TURNTABLE: Pastor T.L. Barrett & The Youth For Christ Choir - Like A Ship (Without A Sail)

Pastor T.L. Barrett

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Reissue of the absolutely stunning debut album from Chicago’s most Soulful Pastor. This album remained a hidden gem until recent years when the magnificent Numero label decided to unearth it. Originally released in 1971, the Pastor and his choir were largely unknown outside of Chicago, and it’s frankly a crime that it’s taken this long for it to be noticed.

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the beauty in this album; this is Gospel at its finest, soaring and uplifting choruses aplenty, but with the added bonus of some funky bass lines and drums thrown in for good measure, a must-have for any collection. ‘Like A Ship’ & ‘Nobody Knows’ are in particularly breathtaking. Relentlessly good for the Soul.

Listen to 'Like A Ship (Without A Sail)' - BELOW:

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