ON THE TURNTABLE: Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Cheat Codes

Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Cheat Codes

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An album that's been almost two decades in the making certainly doesn't disappoint, but then it was never going to when you get these two in a room together. Admittedly, there aren't many surprises in the sound, but it gives me exactly what I want from a project like this.

Dusty beats and Soul samples with a mostly laid-back feel are the vibe here, and it's a welcome one, especially with guest appearances from Raekwon, RTJ, Michael Kiwanuka, and the late G.O.A.T. MF DOOM featured too. This is Hip Hop for the Boom Bap heads; if you loved The Mouse & The Mask, you will dig this. File under: THIS IS WHAT HIP HOP SHOULD SOUND LIKE, and there's absolutely NO NEED FOR A VOCODER HERE.

Listen to Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Cheat Codes - BELOW:

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