NYC-based sci-fi punks DALTON DESCHAIN & THE TRAVELING SHOW release new single “TIN LAURELS”

NYC-based sci-fi punks DALTON DESCHAIN & THE TRAVELING SHOW release new single

NYC-based concept group Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show have just unveiled their latest single, “Tin Laurels.” Self-described as, “a time-traveling, universe-hopping collective of musicians, nuclear techs, and carnival freaks,” the project helmed by Deschain is gearing up to release its second EP in a planned trilogy, Catherine. The EP will also be accompanied by an illustrated book.

“Tin Laurels” premiered on All Things Go with Deschain detailing it’s, “a Blackstar (Bowie)-inspired post-rock track about the dark realities of the American dream and putting your desperate trust in the wrong people. This was the first song I wrote that was inspired by the rise of Donald Trump, back in late 2015. It’s about trying to find your way forward with every economic and political force working against you and out of your control, while everyone around you gives into distraction and solace from all kinds of places, from Trump to pop music. Story-wise, it’s about Catherine coming to Detroit to become an actress, only to have the city collapse and become enthralled with a rising revolutionary that she’s not sure can be trusted.”

(Brooklyn, NY) Born out of a nightmare had by artist Dalton Deschain (lead vox, guitar), Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show is a project that combines unique music of various genres, artistic visuals, profound prose, and vivid performances to tell dark stories that bring out truths in life.

Following the release of the project’s debut EP, Collateral Vignettes, Deschain assembled a band comprised of Phil Harris (drums), Jo Kroger (vox), and David Warpaint (bassist), and began work on a trilogy of concept EPs. Each EP centers around different female protagonists and will be released with accompanying short stories and exclusive artwork. The first EP of the trilogy, Roberta, tells the story of a trans-woman circus freak in the 1940’s who falls in love with a stagehand, found success among a growing cult-following.

Now, Dalton Deschain & The Traveling Show is readying the release of the second EP, Catherine. In this chapter, listeners follow the title character, a struggling young aspiring actress who turns to the help of a dangerous man. The 3 song EP opens with the David Bowie-inspired post-rock track “Tin Laurels” which examines the dark realities of the American dream and trusting the wrong people when times get tough.

“Approximate Man” follows, a selection of text from the Tristan Tzara poem of the same name, as a contemporary choral work that utilizes modern harmonization software and auto- tune effects. “Approximate Girl” closes the EP and serves as a ballad that uncovers the motives of abandoning love in favor of ambition, and the realization that you may never reach what you were searching for.

Catherine continues the world set up by Roberta which Spill Magazine noted, “the band’s penchant for dramatism and mastery in uniting creative elements one would not otherwise conceive could be combined – sci-fi, horror, folk stories sonically delivered through hooks, dance beats, and rough but catchy riffs.”

Tour Dates:

6/24 – The Sidebar – Baltimore, MA
6/25 – Bourbon and Branch- Philadelphia, PA
7/16 – The Knitting Factory- Brooklyn, NY
7/26 – The Saint- Asbury Park, NJ
7/27 – Century Bar- Philadelphia, PA
7/28 – PA’s Lounge- Boston, MA

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