LVVRS unveil debut club ready single ‘Wild Heart’ – Listen Now

LVVRS unveil debut club ready single ‘Wild Heart’ - Listen Now

‘Wild Heart’ is the debut single from a hot new LA group. They’re called LVVRS (pronounced Lovers), and make lush, driving pop-rock that has the grandiose, wide-screen appeal of Imagine Dragons, combined with the hook-laden nostalgia of Maroon 5.

‘Wild Heart’ is an impressively mature debut that shows the band taking a well-written rock ballad and decking it out with club-ready flare. Instead of crowding the foreground, guitars serve to highlight the pulsing rhythm section and River Gibson’s intimate vocal, which receives a glitchy, chopped and screwed treatment for the hook.

Creating a sound that seamlessly blends genres and touches the soul is no small task, but LVVRS make it look easy. With each of their songs combining elements of modern pop, alternative rock, and world beats, LVVRS have developed an infectious sound you’ll keep on repeat.

Check out ‘Wild Heart’ – BELOW:

Risen from the ashes of two of the Gulf Coast’s premier rock bands of the early 2010’s, veteran rock’n’rollers River Gibson, Zac Lyons and Brenon Wilson wanted to take a fully fresh approach to contemporary songwriting. They formed LVVRS in early 2018, drawing inspiration for their new music from past rock influences and today’s Top 40 pop and R&B artists. They wanted to change the game by infusing established rock sounds of electric and acoustic guitar and drums with fun pop synths and rhythmic beats.

Their debut EP is set for release in the Fall of 2018, and tracks like “Wild Heart,” a rock ballad disguised as a dance song with a driving pop beat, are practically bursting with energetic undertones. “Over You” resonates as a distinctive emotional journey, bringing in entirely new elements of world drums and tropical synths. Upbeat “Iconic” is a welcomed breath of fresh air and nostalgic 80’s guitar tones that will literally be the soundtrack to your next house party. Adding to the mix, there’s a mysterious vulnerability in River’s warm and robust vocal delivery. His addictive melodies and powerfully luscious harmonies convey honest, emotional lyrics that dance on some middle ground between happy and sad. There’s a visceral sincerity in every ambitious sing-a-long about love, loss, being misunderstood, or simply being the life of the party.

LVVRS encompass a new era for rock’n’roll, taking the genre to unprecedented new heights while pushing the sonic boundaries of a modern pop song. LVVRS aren’t your dad’s rock’n’roll band. They’re rock stars for the new generation.

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