LUCY ROSE will release a brand new remix album, ‘Something’s Changing (Remixes)’ on July 6th

LUCY ROSE will release a brand new remix album, ‘Something’s Changing (Remixes)’ on July 6th

Lucy Rose will release a brand new remix album, ‘Something’s Changing (Remixes)’ on July 6th via Communion Records. The album is a collection of reworked songs from Lucy’s latest album, ‘Something’s Changing’, which was released to acclaim last year.

True to Lucy’s industrious work ethic, the remixers involved with this album have been carefully handpicked. They’re all either close musical friends of Lucy’s or new musical friends that she’s met over this past year as she’s toured the world. Each artist was invited to take a track from ‘Something’s Changing’ and rework it in their own unique style. From Fryars to Liz Lawrence, Otzeki to Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and many more besides, the project is a celebration of variety and collaboration.

Speaking about the concept of a remix album, Lucy herself shares: “A couple years ago we had a show in Hong Kong and ended up going for a drink in the tallest bar in the world. As we sat down, a remix of my song ‘Nebraska’ was playing. It was so surreal to hear it there and lovely to hear it in a world it would never normally be heard in. Remixes give songs a chance to live in different worlds, the same lyrics and melody people can enjoy but in different sonic arrangements which might be what they connect with more. I like a real variety of music and I really love all the remixes on this record and on top of that I got to collaborate with friends.”

Coinciding with today’s announcement, the first two tracks from the album are now available online. These are a remix of ‘Intro’ by Chartreuse frontman Mike Wagstaff, and a remix of ‘Soak It Up’ by JAWS frontman Connor Schofield. The Chartreuse remix comes complete with a video which was shot in Fiji and then edited by George Cotterhill who Lucy previously worked with on the official video for ‘Is This Called Home’.

Watch the video for Chartreuse’s remix of the album’s ‘Intro’ – BELOW:

Speaking about his involvement in this unique project, Mike from Chartreuse shares: “Having a polished song in front of you to manipulate and add your own ideas to is blissful… I don’t have to go digging in my own mind for any lyrical ideas all the stuff that needs to happen musically is purely just instinctive and improvised in the moment” whilst Connor from JAWS shares: “I recently got a new sampler so at the moment I’ve been into just chopping up vocal parts and making new melodies and rhythms out of them so thats the vibe I went with on this. Lucy’s vocals are light and atmospheric which was cool because I’m used to sampling my own voice which is quite the opposite.”

1. Intro (Chartreuse Remix)
2. Soak It Up (JAWS Remix)
3. Moirai (Liz Lawrence Remix)
4. Second Chance (Fryars Remix)
5. Is This Called Home (Anatole Remix)
6. All That Fear (Otzeki Remix)
7. Strangest of Ways (JM∆C Remix)
8. Love Song (Evan Klar Remix)
9. Soak It Up (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Remix)
10. Strangest Of Ways (Marcus Hamblett Remix)
11. Second Chance (Intalekt Remix)
12. No Good At All (Tobie Tripp Remix)

In the run up to the remix album release in July, Lucy will be sharing a selection of tracks from the record along with additional video footage shot on the road over the past 12 months, so stay tuned for more to come.

Watch ‘Something’s Changing’ (documentary) – BELOW:

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