LUCY ROSE Shares Two Additional Remixes Ahead of Album Release Next Month

LUCY ROSE Shares Two Additional Remixes Ahead of Album Release Next Month

Lucy Rose will release a new remix album, ‘Something’s Changing (Remixes)’ via Communion Records on 6th July. In the build-up to this release, Lucy is sharing two new remixes from the album every fortnight. Remixes by Chartreuse, JAWS, Liz Lawrence, and Fryars are already streaming online and today, brand new remixes from Anatole and Otzeki have been made available.

Australian solo artist Anatole has taken on ‘Is This Called Home’, whilst London based electronic duo Otzeki have taken on ‘All That Fear’.

Watch a video for ‘Is This Called Home’ remixed by Anatole - BELOW: 

Stream ‘All That Fear’ (remixed by Otzeki) here.

‘Something’s Changing (Remixes)’ is a collection of reworked songs from Lucy’s latest album, ‘Something’s Changing’, which was released to acclaim in 2017. True to Lucy’s industrious work ethic, the remixers involved with this album have been carefully handpicked. They’re all either close musical friends of Lucy’s or new musical friends that she’s met over this past year as she’s toured the world. Each artist was invited to take a track from ‘Something’s Changing’ and rework it in their own unique style. From Fryars to Liz Lawrence, Otzeki to Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and many more besides, the project is a celebration of variety and collaboration.

Speaking about his contribution to this unique project, Anatole has shared: “In the case of [‘Is This Called Home’], there was a very strong melody line which was an obvious place to start and build from. [With remixes] I actually find myself sometimes having more freedom to be daring and extravagant because I know the context within which the music is going to ultimately exist.”


1. Intro (Chartreuse Remix)
2. Soak It Up (JAWS Remix)
3. Moirai (Liz Lawrence Remix)
4. Second Chance (Fryars Remix)
5. Is This Called Home (Anatole Remix)
6. All That Fear (Otzeki Remix)
7. Strangest of Ways (JM∆C Remix)
8. Love Song (Evan Klar Remix)
9. Soak It Up (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Remix)
10. Strangest Of Ways (Marcus Hamblett Remix)
11. Second Chance (Intalekt Remix)
12. No Good At All (Tobie Tripp Remix)

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