VIDEO PREMIERE: Shaun Kelly & The Returned Gifts - Let Love Shine - Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: Shaun Kelly & The Returned Gifts - Let Love Shine - Watch Now

It’s fair to say Shaun Kelly has been around the block in his bizarre career. From being asked to collaborate with music legend Andy Taylor of Duran Duran to his port-a-loo meeting with madcap 60s legend Arthur Brown on how to apply for festivals to providing the musical entertainment for his sister in law’s night on “Come Dine with Me”. She won.

A qualified Crystal Healer and former BBC Pebble Mill worker and friend to the celebs, he his a man who has scaled man heights….including Mount Everest base camp on a rather ill-advised midlife crisis trek.

The video to Let Love Shine features a collection of Hedgehog hand puppets purchased by Shaun from the Birmingham rag market 20 years ago. One in particular of the collection know only as “Frank” had a habit of puffing out small amounts of white smoke from his rear when gently squashed. The rumour is he had found his way across Europe to Birmingham stuffed full of grade A narcotics and had been dumped during a high profile drugs bust in the early 90s when smuggling had reached bizarre methods of avoiding detection at the border from increasingly proficient Customs officers.

Check out the exclusive XS Noize video premiere of  'Let Love Shine' - BELOW:

Frank is now in permanent retirement but still resides with us at home and has left his narcotics days behind him…

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