Is Bingo Becoming a Trend Amongst Young People in the UK?


Think back to two decades ago. The bingo marketing back then was geared towards senior citizens. Back then, the game was touted to develop cognitive skills and encourage socialization among older adults who often suffered loneliness. The marketing ads were on full throttle regarding this perspective. But as soon as online bingo emerged, the tune changed.

After a while, it became clear that while bingo was still an excellent game for seniors, anyone could play the game. And soon enough, trusted bingo sites witnessed an influx of millennials and even Gen Zs who wanted to be part of the game. By 2017, 25% of bingo players were millennials! Why did this happen, and what does this spell for the future of bingo?

Why More Younger People Are Playing Bingo

Bingo was once a game thought to be for the older generations. So, what has since changed and prompted more young people to try this age-old game?

a.     The Rise of the Digital Age

If you were to play bingo two decades ago, you would have had to leave the house to go to a bingo hall. Now, anyone can access a bingo site as long as they are 18 years old! As a result, young people have embraced this game for:

  • Its Convenience: How great is it to have a bingo game at the tap of a button? People don’t need to commute, dress up, or even book a seat in advance. Instead, all they do is log onto an app, and they can start trying their luck. And they can do this on their phones, laptops, and other digital devices.
  • Its Availability: Traditional bingo halls have opening and closing times, but online games do not. That means that young people can start gaming at any time. Even if they want to join a game at midnight, they can do so. The game will still run even with a few people in the virtual room.

Now that the game is so accessible, many young people have tried and loved it.

b.     The Low Buy-Ins

It’s no secret that most young people don’t have much cash to spend, unlike older generations who have amassed much wealth. So, it’s quite an incentive for young people who find that:

  • Bingo tickets are affordable: Some sites will sell tickets for as low as £1. What’s more, you can buy tickets for much less when you buy them in bulk. So, it’s easy to score the jackpot after spending £1 on a game. Who would not take up such an offer?
  • Many websites offer bonuses and promotions: Besides the low price of the tickets, many websites reward players for choosing their platforms. For example, a site may offer players a matched deposit to increase their initial bankroll. So, while a player might have had £100 to wager on the games, they might end up with a cool £50 additional cash.
  • Free games are available: Many sites allow players to test the waters. So, even if a player might not be confident about their chances in bingo, they can still try playing the game before putting money on the line. Plus, if players lack the cash to participate in games now and then, they will not be locked out of having fun.

With the financial aspects out of the way, more young people can access bingo games, which makes a lot of difference.

c.     The Growth of Bingo Sites

Traditional bingo halls are pretty few. And even when bingo was a hit, they were still few and far between, forcing bingo lovers to travel quite far to catch a game. Now, players can choose where to play games by choosing a reputable bingo site. The variety of bingo sites has come with an array of benefits, including:

  • A variety of bingo games: You may have played the standard bingo games (75-ball, 90-ball, etc.) But how would you like to play something else? Most bingo sites have variations of the main bingo games, offering lengthy and speed games to help you get a kick as you wish.
  • Multiple payment methods: Younger people are well versed in making online payments and are happy to play online, where they can pay via cards, e-wallets, or other means available. It reduces the hassle of making payments and augurs well with their lifestyle, which revolves around digital interactions.
  • Social forums: Many sites allow players to interact with each other via chat options and social media. It makes it easy for players to have a semblance of what offline bingo is like without needing to leave their homes.

Once you factor in how easy and fun playing bingo is, you understand why more young people are willing to try the game that was once thought to be for the old. Bingo still offers entertaining and socializing aspects, which are even more profound now that more people work at home.

Bingo will not be one of those trends that dies with a generation. Instead, it will be a game that transcends generations, what with its increased uptake in younger generations. And once the metaverse launches and adds to the socialization aspect of the game, more younger people will start playing the game!

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