With the modern psych scene, the sound of the 60’s is enjoying a bit of resurgence again. However, the masters and trailblazers of the last renaissance in the early 90’s was certainly the indie groove machine that is Inspiral Carpets. Formed in 1983 in Oldham, they produced some of the most definitive sounds of the age of the Madchester explosion in the early 90’s before splitting in 95.

Reforming in 2003, they have gone from strength to strength, and with the recent release of their 5th studio album in October, they are back on tour and taking their rightful place amoungst the British music landscape.
Let You Down is the latest track to be taken from their self-titled album, featuring poet & punk legend John Cooper Clarke.

This is one of Inspirals modern classics that old and new fans will love. With kick ass grooves and thrashed out beats that are far removed from the flowery end of the Inspirals spectrum, this will have you banging your head in tune and it’s all you would expect from the guys with the 60’s inspired synths. Clarke’s contribution complements the song brilliantly and will make you grin as he delivers his monologue in that unmistakable, gravelly voice that commands your ear.

Give it a blast BELOW:

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