INK TO SPILL get personal & powerful with new single 'Julie Julie'

INK TO SPILL get personal & powerful with new single 'Julie Julie'

It could be easily argued that some of the best, most truthful and impactful songs are created because of/are the result of a personal experience. The latest track from Ink To Spill, "Julie Julie", is one such song, one that reminds us all that our fates are ultimately in our hands and that we have more control over our lives than perhaps we sometimes think.

The trio – songwriter Bob Sauer, vocalist and guitarist Gus Reeves and world-renowned percussionist Ernie Adams – have already earned themselves praise and support from The Hype Magazine and The Hollywood Tribune, among others, thanks to being a group whose music touches hearts, makes listeners think and often has that personal touch that means their songs resonate on a more intimate level than many others do – "Julie Julie" being a perfect example.

Lead singer Sauer explains, " 'Julie Julie' was inspired by one of my best friend's sister's comments during her father's memorial. Folks were getting a little nosey about her recent divorce and situation. She kind of blankly responded: 'It is what it is'. I wanted to say: 'It doesn't have to be that way. We control our own destinies.' But, of course, it wasn't the time or the place. So, I wrote 'Julie-Julie' to be that assurance. Recently Julie's mom, one of my mom's best friends, was ailing, and I decided to send her the song before she passed. Julie's brother said they all loved it."

Of the song's creation, he adds: "'Julie Julie' was the first song Gus, Ryan, and I collaborated on live and in person. Ryan and I had made the trip to Vashon Island to work with Gus in his Music Box. Ryan really connected to the lyrics and had an idea to run with it on his keys. I always refer to his silky voice as the 'sorbet' to Ink To Spill's sound. With that, Ink To Spill was born."

Watch 'Julie Julie' - BELOW:

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