The Mission reformed a couple of years ago with 3 of the original 4 members and released an album of new songs 'The Brightest Light', both album and the shows that followed were well received. Now frontman Wayne Hussey has found time to record his latest solo effort 'Songs Of Candlelight and Razorblades'

I've seen one of his shows on the solo tour and it was a very 'intimate' gig and a world away from a Mission show as is this album. Whether that's a good thing would be down to the listener,it's definitely a fan's album more than a new listeners choice i'd say.

'Madam G' the album opener is a strange one with all sorts of woodwind instruments,strings and piano but it works just about, there is a lot of crooning/lounge lizard vocals going on through most of the album, Wayne has kept a good vocal down through the years and this style suits him but could be off putting for the casual listener.

The Mission template is still there on 'The Bouquet & the Bows' (think Bird of Passage) and on 'Nothing Left Between Us' and 'JK Angel of Death (1928-2011)'. There is some Led Zeppelin influences abound on 'You Are Not Alone'. Also a slight hint of Wayne's stint with The Sister's of Mercy on 'Wither on the Vine', the start of 'Marian' is in there somewhere whether on purpose or by default  (Wayne and Eldritch still don't get on!) and 'Swan Song (lament)' which was on 'The Brightest Light', as a Mission version it is my fav on the album it's basically a stripped down version.

If you've been a Mission fan down the years there is plenty to like, but harder to get into for the casual fan. Still It's a solid album.

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