Hooton Tennis Club’s next project – SEATBELTS unveil first single, ‘Hey, Hey Tiger!’ – Listen Now

Hooton Tennis Club's next project - SEATBELTS unveil first single, ‘Hey, Hey Tiger!’ - Listen Now 2

Seatbelts first single ‘Hey, Hey Tiger!’ is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Songs For Vonnegut’. The track is an upbeat, head spinning introduction to the new project from James Madden and Ryan Murphy of Liverpool indie pop quartet, Hooton Tennis Club.

The motorik beat, recorded through a Wah Wah pedal, is accompanied by the procession-like, percussive hits of James’ Mums chip pan that will certainly leave the listeners ears fried. Through the dizzying sounds and perpetual twang of the classic Jimi Hendrix chords, James sings “Don’t listen out to the calling of the parade, pick it up and it will never be the same…”. This can only be read as an observation of the cutthroat business tactics played out by fellow humans that inhabit this blue and green globe. Ryan expands on James’ declaration with “…the snakes and ladders, social climbing, nothing seems safe.” Serious stuff. Watch out for that Tiger!

Listen to ‘Hey, Hey Tiger!’ – BELOW:

The single Hey, Hey Tiger! is out 30th March 2018 on Rooftop Records. Words by Tony the Tiger

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