Have Any Kind Of Music Festival You Want After You Have Won The Lottery

Have Any Kind Of Music Festival You Want After You Have Won The Lottery 1
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It is safe to say, any person who can hear likes music. Infants and non-verbal people enjoy music. Even animals can be comforted with music. However, the person who will call in sick to work, empty their bank account, and drive four hours to attend a music festival? Music is not just something enjoyable to them. It is something that they almost need to survive. That person loves music. That is the person this article is addressed to.

If a Country and Western outdoor concert is cancelled, the concert will be rescheduled and the event will take place exactly like it was intended to. It is much the same for Classical, and Rap or Hip Hop. These venues are shows performed for us, which we watch and enjoy. This is not what happens during a music fest. Regardless of the genre, some music festivals stand out as the best in the world. You can find many of those here. A fan of music does not limit their exposure to only one type of music. Beautiful music migrates. You will find it hidden in the lines of all styles once you develop your ear to the sound.

Good rock music is played, loudly. The players of the music become one with the songs and just watching them is enough to draw you in. Soon the people-watching begin dancing, singing, jumping and until they feel they are part of the performance. The audience is close together and close to the band and that is okay. We are all part of the band, we are all part of the music fest.

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Don’t Mess With Us

By now everyone in the music festival world knows the name Adrian Bayford. He became a music fest warrior one day. Adrian was a lottery winner and he was not afraid of anyone. When the powers that be almost cancelled the Cambridge Rock Festival, Adrian said, “NO.” He offered his own backyard (which was huge) for the festival. If you are on his level with the love of music, you completely understand. It is a perfectly logical thing to do in your opinion to win the lottery and hold your own music festival.  He will never be forgotten. It was no secret that Bayford and his wife Gillian were lottery winners. They had won 148,656,000 pounds.

You did not have to wonder if the Bayfords were true music lovers Adrian opened a music and movie memorabilia shop in Cambridge. One of his prize pieces was a record of The Beatles, signed by John Lennon about two weeks before his murder.

Adrian often said it was a dream of his to get the original band members of Guns and Roses back together. That has not happened yet, but if anybody could do it, he could. Another rare item in his personal collection is a signed Guns and Roses guitar. This is at his home. While it is worth 3,000 pounds, it is not for sale.

Two kinds of people

You will find that there are two kinds of people that hang around music festivals, music studios, and red carpet events. There are people who love music and there are people who try to fake it to feed off of the energy. They look for people who are open and kind. They look for people who have lived their life helping their neighbours and working hard to provide for their family. But they are not seeking just any honest and good-natured person. They want the person with those attributes who have new money.

Lottery winners are usually not already wealthy people. They may be comfortable, but they rarely are ultra-rich. The money brings on a high. It also brings on a lot of people. At first, it is just a big party.

In the case of Adrian and Gillian Rogers, it was easy to see they were music lovers. They were music lovers before they hit the lottery and they were music lovers after they hit the lottery. It stands to reason, their celebration would include a lot of great music. This predator that watches the person with new money spots their weakness. He begins to groom them. He finds out what their dreams are, being in a band, partying with big bands, putting on music festivals, whatever it is. Then he tells them, he can make their dreams come true. His entire plan is to separate the lottery winner from his money. He drops names, sets up appointments that are suddenly cancelled. Nothing ever quite happens, and the money keeps flowing.

People in the music industry unite

If you find yourself in a position where you have plenty of money and someone is telling you how he can make all your dreams come true, stop. People in the music industry are loyal and they will tell you the truth. Check the person out. If he drops the name of a rock star, contact the stars agent and ask if he is on the up and up. Check out the people you decide to work with carefully. It has been said, the music industry is all about who you know. There is a lot of truth in that. At the end of the day, it is the music business you want. But you don’t want to be a victim of a shady crook either.

Final thought

It is a good idea (at least in this stage) to maintain control of your own money. Do not let anyone have control of how much they will pay from your account. You or your spouse can write checks or pay with electronic funds. Even if it is not something you want to do, it is better than finding out you are buying musical equipment that you cannot afford or paying for ritzy hotels or first-class seats every time your agent travels. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

So go ahead. Grab those lotto tickets and hope for the best. Just be ready for the folks who will beat a path to your door when you win.






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