FRANK TURNER & JON SNODGRASS release video for new single 'The Fleas' - Watch Now!

FRANK TURNER & JON SNODGRASS release video for new single 'The Fleas' - Watch Now!

“There is nothing wrong with the planet, the planet is fine… the people are f***ed”… So said the late US comedian George Carlin in one of his final and most famous sketches.

As the apocalypse looms, FRANK TURNER and JON SNODGRASS reflect on the American satirist’s infamous ‘Saving The Planet’ routine with their timely new single: “The Fleas”.

Released at a time of troubles that, some 12 years after Carlin’s passing, he could never have foreseen, the track pauses for thought on the pandemic, isolation, collapse, and each individual's place within that.

Of the track, Snodgrass says:

“While we were writing this record, my dog Carlos was at my feet scratching himself. It reminded me of a great George Carlin bit, about how the world would end up shaking us off like a Bad Case Of The Fleas.”

Turner adds:

“When Jon and I write quick songs together as Buddies, sometimes they can be pretty frivolous, given the time constraints. But sometimes we stumble across something a little more serious, like in “The Fleas”. I really like this song.”

Watch the video for 'The Fleas' - BELOW:

Swiftly following “Bad Times Good Vibes”, the track is the latest to emerge from Jon + Frank’s eagerly awaited second album together: Buddies II: Still Buddies (out 13 November 2020, via Xtra Mile Recordings).

In 2010, the two acclaimed musicians hung out, drank whisky and wrote & recorded an album together called Buddies - a record that has become something of a cult hit with fans. A decade later, the world may have changed beyond recognition, but the pair’s friendship remains tighter than ever. And their new album: Buddies II: Still Buddies is a record that reflects both of these things in spades.

Written remotely during the lockdown in just one day, Buddies II: Still Buddies also sees the duo working with other buddies – Stephen Egerton (Descendents/ALL) on drums and Todd Beene (Lucero, Chuck Ragan, Glossary) on pedal steel. Part podcast, part full-band studio album, the result is a funny, warm and at times poignant album for these strangest of times.

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