FIFA Records release compilation album ‘FIFA 100’ to mark 100th Release

FIFA Records

Today Forever in Financial Arrears Records’, or FIFA Records as it is more commonly known, reach the significant milestone of their 100th release, an extremely rare achievement among Irish record labels, specifically those operating on the basis of creating platforms for new, emerging or independent artists.

To mark the century, the label will release ‘FIFA 100’, a 13-track compilation album consisting of one track from each act currently on the FIFA roster.

Since its founding in 2005, the Cork label has effectively given licence to its artists to follow their creative desires, working out the best means of promoting and exposing their music as it takes shape and have continuously worked with exciting new Irish talent, Fight Like Apes, One Morning in August, The Vincent(s), Dae Kim, The Love Buzz to mention a few, as well as releasing material from established names on the Irish indie scene such as The Frank & Walters, Emperor of Ice Cream, Cat Dowling, August Wells, Power of Dreams and Whipping Boy.

FIFA 100 Track Listing

  1. Driven Snow ‘Trying’
  2. Silver Owls ‘Serpentine’
  3. Cat Dowling ‘Animals’
  4. The Frank &Walters ‘Ancestors’
  5. Emperor of Ice Cream ‘Weather Vane’
  6. First Class & Coach ‘Neon Hip’
  7. One Morning in August ‘Get it Right’
  8. The Love Buzz ‘Wild One’
  9. Gammy Origami ‘Now That You Got Me Thinking’
  10. Klubber Lang ‘Make Amends’
  11. Pontious Pilate & The Naildrivers ‘Time &Time Again’
  12. Trouble Pilgrims ‘The Old Days’
  13. August Wells ‘Come on in Out of That Night’

FIFA Records while maintaining an independent ethos puts a huge focus on building strong working relationships and partnerships with the artists and by working with locally owned businesses to ensure it sustains a vibrant infrastructure in a web of economic and social relationships.

The aim, to benefit not only the artists but to contribute in its own small way to a sustainable local and national economy which it believes is critical in the current environment. The label also has an international dynamic, forging links with multiple media outlets and with several independent record labels around the world – Elefant Records (Spain), Vinyl Junkie (Japan), Secret Crush Records (US), Small room (Thailand) Pop Lane/Ra N Bo (France), Stargazer (Germany) Big Tea Records (UK).

FIFA 100 is available to pre-order now on CD & digital download here

and on CD from Music Zone

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