Exclusive Video Premiere: THE COUTH - 'Fire'

Exclusive Video Premiere: THE COUTH - 'Fire'

'Fire's the latest offering from the unapologetic, frantic punk rock four piece 'The Couth'. Taken from the groups latest release, the three track EP 'Burnout' shows the band proudly take the style of bands like Arctic Monkeys or The Libertines but filter it through their own unique lens of gritty distortion and fast tempos.

The sound that all four of the member's make on 'Fire' is intense. Every guitar chord is strummed with absolute fury, each hit of the snare snaps through your brain, all the while the bass is thundering on in the background. The fantastic energy between the members creates this chaotic but poignant melting pot of angry rock and destructive punk.


This chaos is further reflected in the video. Filmed entirely on a Go Pro; it documents from frontman David McCrums point of view, a night out filled with drink, drugs and a pair of terrifying kidnappers. All you can really ask for on a night out I suppose?

'The Couth' will launch 'Burnout' on the 26th May in Voodoo, Belfast.

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