ENEMIES – premiere ‘Play Fire’ their first track in two years. (Video)

ENEMIES - premiere 'Play Fire' their first track in two years. (Video)

Following on from their critically acclaimed sophomore album ‘Embark, Embrace’, Irish post-rock meets math-pop quartet Enemies are now set to return with their first new single in almost two years ‘Play Fire’.

On the new single TLOBF say, “It’s a swollen behemoth of rhythms and hooks. Jagged guitars bob and weave amidst minimalist harmonies – think of (very) early Foals or early Everything Everything – with gossamer-thin layers all combining to create a richly textured piece of atmospheric pop.” Watch ‘Play Fire’ BELOW:

Formed in 2007, Enemies have spent over seven years writing, recording, and producing their own records together. Having travelled the world with tours in the UK, EU, USA and Asia, selling out shows in Tokyo, New York, Osaka and Nagoya; the band continue to develop their sound, which amongst Irelands many post-rock bands (ASIWYFA, Adebisi Shank, The Redneck Manifesto, and more) remains incredibly distinct.

Enemies surprise their listeners with every release by constantly tweaking and perfecting their own brand of math-pop and ‘Play Fire’ is no exception to this ethic. The new single doesn’t fit neatly into any particular category or sub-genre, Enemies have created a new sound for themselves and which can no longer simply be considered as math or post-rock. However, ‘Play Fire’ still clearly exhibits elements of their heritage in the effervescent guitar work and the frenetic yet meticulously structured drums. At times the single calls to mind the sounds of Battles, Animal Collective, and Black Dice but you can also hear some subtle hints of early-Foals and Friendly Fires in there, which only adds to its dynamic allure. This is all tied together by the mellifluous harmonised vocal line and the repeated lyrics “Play, let go”, which confers the feeling of a boundless anthemic chorus and conveys numerous emotions through subtle changes in timbre.

On the new single Lewis Jackson (guitars) says, “Play Fire is our take on pop music; it was this idea of getting as far away from our comfort zone as possible, without losing what makes us Enemies. The new record feels like we’re moving away from what we know. It hasn’t been an easy process, but no album should be.”

As a taster of what’s yet to come ‘Play Fire’ is over before you know it, and is likely to leave listeners and Enemies’ well-earned fans eager in anticipation for their next full length effort. This is completely new territory for the band, and it’s one that is likely to please fans and newcomers alike.

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