Echo Arcadia To Release ‘Visions of Symmetry’ Album in March

Echo Arcadia To Release 'Visions of Symmetry' Album in March

Echo Arcadia are six piece Indie band from Edinburgh, Scotland who strive to “make music that will break your heart while your foot taps along.” Guitars underpinned by thumping drums, thick bass lines and keys with violins that would break a stone heart, all bearing the weight of heartfelt vocals.

This isn’t conventional Pop music, but Echo Arcadia aren’t a conventional band. “There’s no box we fit in” explains vocalist and guitarist Leigh, “unless its dodecahedral with a section for Schrodinger’s cat”.

Visions of Symmetry is clearly a fusion of diverse influences as eighties Pop blends seamlessly into alt folk. Leigh’s smooth and beautifully toned vocals are complimented perfectly by Kate’s harmonies and every song is characterised by infectious melody, exemplary musicianship and intensely personal lyrics.

Leigh says “Visions of symmetry is a journey through a dark time in my life. It deals with loss, depression and the hope that comes with fighting through at the other side. It was described by our long term producer as a more mature and thoughtful album than our previous records, marking our growth in the music we’re making. It’s cinematic but personal, multi layered like an onion but it probably won’t make you cry… it will go well with hotdogs though.”

Live Dates:
11th Feb – Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, for Domino Records
11th Mar – Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh
25th May – Mach 2 Motorbike Festival, Machynlleth, Wales

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