"Tales of otherworldly wisdom set within ‘glacial lullaby-blues’. Words that carry the weight of the world and melody that creeps far beneath the skin makes for a stop-you-in-your-tracks debut on James Skelly’s Skeleton Key Records."
Louisa Roach has one of the most evocative voices I have heard in some time. Influenced by Leonard Cohen and delivering her songs in a style that conjures up early Portishead, this is one lady who is going to invade a lot of peoples playlists in the not so distant future.

The top quote says it all. This track is good on so many levels that you will have to stick it on repeat as a few words of praise here won’t really do justice. If You Could See Is an angle on a scenario that many can relate to - Conflict and disaster! Too often these days, horrific incidents break onto the news screens that stop people dead in their tracks. For a moment, you reel back, and a sense of panic sets in. It almost makes you gag. We’ve all been there.

With the hammer of an opening line "choking on headlines struggling to breathe", Roach hits the nail of that experience on the head. This leads to a desperate momentary prayer made to the unknown. The rest of the song is a wry take on the unexpected reply which basically boils down to - chin up, carry on.

She drew the gun

Musically, it’s a bit of the old with a twist of the new. Acoustic blues with a hint of reverb that gives it the fresh feel, a bit of distorted electric guitar threw in occasionally that's toned down to a subtle enough level where it doesn’t rob the song of its slight haunting atmosphere.

Combined with Roach’s superb voice, it’s a well-crafted track with a lot to offer. With thoughtful lyrics that draw you in from the outset, mixed with arrangements that are well formed together, If You Could See will be a real shot in the arm for Roach’s growing popularity. If she keeps producing such great material , She Drew The Gun will be one of the hottest tickets during the coming festival season and beyond. I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to say she has the whole package.

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