Debs Wild Author of ‘Life In Technicolor’ A Celebration Of Coldplay to take part in Reddit AMA

Debs Wild Author of 'Life In Technicolor' A Celebration Of Coldplay to take part in Reddit AMA 3

In September 1998, Coldplay, then a completely unknown band from London, performed in the corner of a café in Manchester to an audience of fewer than ten people. One of those people was Debs Wild, a talent scout who immediately knew she’d seen the future. 

To celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary, Debs – the original Coldplay fan – and former music journalist Malcolm Croft show us just how special the band have always been, as they rose from the ashes of Britpop and forged a 20-year career of constant evolution.  

Looking back on the band’s phenomenal rise to glory from an intimately privileged viewpoint, this very special book tells the inside story of the most successful UK band of modern times. 

Life in Technicolor: A Celebration of Coldplay is the most official ‘unofficial’ book ever, written from a unique insider’s perspective and packed with Debs Wild’s fascinating personal memorabilia, locked away in a trunk and never published until now. There’s also a wealth of hitherto unseen visual content from the band’s personal collection. 

On Monday 3rd December, Debs Wild will be taking part in a  Reddit AMA at 2pm UK time. This will be an amazing opportunity for fans to ask anything they like about the Coldplay story. Fans should log on here to join the conversation. 

Also launching on December 3rd is a special  12-Day Christmas Virtual Treasure Hunt. The prize – a copy of Coldplay’s very rare ‘Mince Spies’ EP, a special Christmas release from 2001, taken from Debs’ own collection, limited to 1000 copies and now worth over £300 – is tucked away as we speak in a very specific ‘virtual’ hiding place mentioned somewhere in the book. Fans should keep an eye on Debs’ Twitter for more info. 

Life in Technicolor: A Celebration of Coldplay features: 

* Fresh interviews/stories from friends, collaborators and key players 
* Never seen before band member quotes from Debs’ personal archived interviews 
* New interviews with peers such as Simon Pegg, Guy Garvey, Danny McNamara and Edith Bowman 
* Never seen before visual content from the band’s collection

Life in Technicolor: A Celebration of Coldplay by Debs Wild and Malcolm Croft. Published 4 October by Carlton Books. ISBN 9781787391093. Hardback £25.00. 

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