BRIAN MAY wants to see another concert put on to tackle climate change

BRIAN MAY wants to see another concert put on to tackle climate change

Queen guitarist would like to see musicians coming together to use their platform to raise awareness for climate change again like the 2007 ‘Live Earth’ concert series. The Queen guitar legend, astrophysicist and noted environmentalist has called on musicians to come together again and repeat 2007’s ‘Live Earth’ concerts, which featured more than 150 musical acts in 11 locations, including Madonna, Foo Fighters, Metallica, The Black Eyed Peas and Shakira, to gather public support for action against climate change.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Brian said: “It probably would take the younger generation to take that bull by the horns.

“We’d help in any way we can but I think that’s what it would require.”

Although, the ‘We Are The Champions’ hitmaker admitted it’s “not quite as easy” as putting on a concert to raise awareness.

He said: “People have seen so many concerts since Live Aid purporting to be solving the problems of the world so it’s not quite as easy as it seems.”

Brian is an animal activist and previously pledged to challenge the UK government’s decision to press ahead with a badger cull, and has spoken with the UK’s Environment Secretary Michael Gove to discuss alternative options.

The 71-year-old musician said: “It takes courage to stand up for animals, you take a lot of abuse.”

Previously speaking about their work to block the plans, he said: “We’re fighting the government to stop them killing our badgers.

“They’re on scheduled to kill like 10,000 of them this year, which is just the most appalling tragedy because it’s not going to help the farmers and it’s just beyond belief that the government are clinging on to this idea that killing the badgers is going to cure the TB problem.

“Badgers are a terrible red-herring. We’re always aware that the government is liable to bring back fox hunting. I think David Cameron views animals as something that gets in the way of making money. Maybe I’m out on a limb now as usual but this nation has such a long way to go.”

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