BLEACH LAB reveal heartbreaking new single 'Never Be' - Listen Now!

BLEACH LAB reveal heartbreaking new single 'Never Be' - Listen Now! 2
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South London quartet Bleach Lab have revealed new single ‘Never Be’. Whereas previous single ‘Sleep’ reflected on a relationship falling apart, ‘Never Be’ is its heartbreaking aftermath.

It offers solace during moments of regret as you try to come to terms with a new reality you never thought possible. Lead singer Jenna Kyle explains:

“The track is about taking a physical and metaphorical step out from a wearing relationship and moving away. Continuing life in a new city that you were supposed to live in together and trying to navigate around a breakup that never truly had a resolution. I was attempting to overcome the feelings of wanting everything to go back to the way it was even though I knew in my heart that it wasn't right”.

Contrasting the turbulent tide of Kyle’s unbridled emotion, the song’s enriched sonic soundscape drifts somewhere between sleep and consciousness like dreams flickering from vague to vivid and back again. Though meticulous and thought-out, most importantly, it provides the surface for Kyle’s raw and unflinching vocals to flourish.

Listen to ‘Never Be’ - BELOW:

Their fourth single since late 2019, the band have won praise from the likes of BBC Introducing and Notion for their distinct sound, marrying the worlds of heart-on-sleeve songwriters like Julia Jacklin with the opalescent soundscapes of Mazzy Star and Cocteau Twins.

Self-released on November 3rd, ‘Never Be’ closes off a formative year for the band with much more in the offing for 2021.

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