AMY MONTGOMERY announces the release of her debut EP ‘Intangible’ on November 20th

AMY MONTGOMERY announces the release of her debut EP 'Intangible' on November 20th

Amy Montgomery has announced the release of her debut EP Intangible, which will be released November 20th via 7Hz Music. The title track is the first single to be released from the upcoming EP and comes with a Bjork-inspired video that echoes the track’s themes of life and death while exploring the duality of the individual and what is shown outwardly to the wider world.

“I write quite visually,” Montgomery says. “Obviously, it’d be great to have big budgets to create things with, but in a way, lockdown and other limitations have really pushed me creatively.”

The track itself is a shimmering work of Nineties-influenced alternative rock with its squalls of guitar feedback lifted by bright, fluttering synths and, like most of Montgomery’s work, the track is very lyrically powerful.

It centres around the theme of mental health which is a potent theme across the upcoming EP. “My mum struggled with depression for years and I lost her to suicide,” Montgomery explains, noting the track’s opening reference to butterflies. “She was mesmerised by their growth and beauty, and while she couldn’t do that herself, I find it amazing that she could still admire that trait in others.”

Mixed by Australian producer Kyran Daniels (Greta Ray), the video premiered with The Music in Australia where Amy has been making a name for herself following last year’s tour with William Crighton.

Watch the video for ‘Intangible’ – BELOW:

The songs on her forthcoming debut EP represent an artist who won’t shy away from her feelings, but also one who doesn’t attempt to oversimplify experiences that are deeply complex, or profound. “These songs still have a lot of pain,” she says, “but they’re lighter. I actually feel like I’ve let go of a lot of things in the past year, and that’s had a big influence on my writing.”

The EP follows the release of a number of singles including ‘Dangerous (2019)’, a beautiful reworking of the 2018 song that launched her musical career, as well as hypnotic cover of Donovan’s ‘Season Of The Witch’ and the atmospheric and moody ‘Tree Song (Branch Out And Nourish My Veins)’.

Montgomery proved a mesmerising hit on the festival circuit last summer after a slew of stunning debut performances at eighteen UK & European summer festivals including Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk, Electric Picnic and Black Deer.

Becoming known for her captivating live show and hypnotising musical performances, Amy followed those performances with a trip to Australia in early October to perform at the coveted Dashville Skyline festival as well as support shows in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney with the aforementioned folk-punk balladeer William Crighton.

She finished 2019 with her highly successful first headline shows in Belfast, London and Dublin, with Belfast being upgraded to the Limelight 2 after selling out in less than 48 hours after her acclaimed Stendhal Festival performance.

Amy hails from County Antrim, Northern Ireland and the first thing you notice, apart from her outlandish bohemian looks, is her raw and beautiful voice, honed from relentless busking across her native Emerald Isle.

Already a musical force of nature, performing with great intensity on both guitar and keyboards, it’s her powerful vocal that has captured attention in big ways, drawing immediate comparisons to Janis Joplin and Alanis Morrisette but with a very modern attitude. A voice with exceptional power but with an individuality all of its own.

On what seems like an unstoppable trajectory, one thing is certain, Montgomery is not going to compromise her art for anyone. Amy is a unique artist who is setting out with purpose, and a clear vision for how she wishes to present her music, something that will surely appeal to everyone.

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