ALBUM STREAM: Cherie and Renno – self-titled debut album – Listen Now

ALBUM STREAM: Cherie and Renno - self-titled debut album - Listen Now

Today XS Noize is pleased to share an exclusive stream of the self-titled debut album from Cherie and Renno. Based in Tel Aviv the duo was in the acclaimed “IZABO” and now powered by a home-made, WOODEN, ELECTRONIC, MULTI-SYNTH VIOLA, that has been built from collected vintage parts.

Cherie and Renno bring a unique blend of indie, rock, blues, and love of cooking to the world (really check their recipes here>>

Stream the full album – BELOW: 

Track by track:

My New Weapon- “The old weapon was the guitar, now it is a power electrified viola.”
Morning Line- “Cherie and Renno as an imaginary radio station to call to. To pick up the phone and give it a ring, it’s highly recommended to start your morning with it (if you had a bad morning).”

Hello Music-  “A letter to my lover- music (quite a dramatic one).”

Kiss My Kiss-  “I can kiss my myself  but you’ll kiss back that kiss.”

Chocolate Life- “My life is sweet just like a chocolate (in spite of all)/”

Be My Baby- “A request- a plea from you all to listen to my playlist.”

Cookie Stars- “The illusion of being in becoming a star that gradually vanished and
the fact that there’s no such a thing in there’s no such a thing as stars.”

Love Me Love- “A standard and ideal love song.”

Let Me In- “My necessity to get in to people’s minds  to figure out how on earth does it work and what the hell do they think of me when they’re taking a look at me.”

Meow- “A song about a strong modern woman who is no longer a small domestic pussy but a big cat in the wild, she is now a predator at the top of a food chain (and that’s just great).

Space- “There are no words to describe this one same as there are none to describe the space.”

Summer Smile- “Waiting for your summer smile cause it’s been so wintry without it.”

When the band are not making a rachet they are putting sound to film. Their most recent project a documentary film called, Uri Zohar Returns, one of the biggest figures in Israeli culture.Ran Shem Tov  (Renno) an established and unique musician and composer in Israel for Film and TV, Composed the soundtrack for the film and with his unique sound he wrote “Summer Smile” based on the tune of the film’s theme music.

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