ALBUM REVIEW: The Sherlocks – World I Understand


ALBUM REVIEW: The Sherlocks - World I Understand

British indie/alt-rock outfit The Sherlocks release their third album, World I Understand, which displays a different lineup than their first two albums. In 2020, The Sherlocks were finishing their U.K. tour and about to leave for the U.S. for a few performances. Josh and Andy had already made it known they were leaving the band as soon as the shows in the U.S. were over. It was an amicable parting. They wanted to try something other than music for a while.

Brothers Kiaran Crook (vocals, guitar, songwriter) and Brandon Cook (drums) had no thoughts of not continuing. They soon brought Trent Jackson (bass) and Alex Procter (guitar) on board and then headed off to Rockfield Studios to work on World I Understand. Three weeks later, the album was completed.

Kiaran explains, “We pulled up at Rockfield Studios in Wales with only a handful of practices together and a bunch of songs that felt strong but were certainly rough around the edges. But once we started, I knew we were onto something special. Part of the magic of this record is that even though Brandon and I arrived to make our third album, Trent and Alex were making their debut record. Their passion was infectious, and we were getting the songs down at such a rapid pace. Everyone playing out of their skin!”

Encompassing 11-tracks, highlights on the album include “Porto,” a brief instrumental intro setting the stage for what follows. “Falling” opens on dark, dirty guitars rife with heavy resonance. The driving rhythm propels the song forward on thick throbs as Kiaran’s dreamy, yummy vocals imbue the lyrics with gilded timbres. Psychedelic washes and accents imbue the tune with heady colouration.

A personal favourite, “On The Run”, surges with vicious energy and thrumming energy. Gleaming, sizzling guitars infuse the tune with fluent luminous tendrils while the cavernous, rumbling rhythm injects the song with muscularity.

“Plastic Heart” conjures up suggestions of Nirvana covered by Boston, exposing layers of blistering colours and curving leitmotifs. While “Sorry” summons up auras of The Killers, rolling out on dense lodes of ‘00s indie rock savours. The title track blends alt-rock with compact tints of dream-pop, generating a delicious revved-up sonic tapestry.

Similar to The Killers, only chockfull of bulkier sonic components, as well as delicious infusions of psychedelia, on World I Understand, The Sherlocks display their impressive musical evolution.

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