ALBUM REVIEW: The Script – “Freedom Child”


ALBUM REVIEW: The Script - "Freedom Child"

After nearly three years since the release of their last studio album No Sound Without Silence, The Script are back with their 5th album Freedom Child. Bursting on to the music scene in 2008 with the debut self-titled album The Script, Danny O’Donoghue, Glen Power and Mark Sheehan have had hit after hit and sell out tours worldwide. Each album they have produced has had a different sound which reflects the music scene at the time of release. And this album is no different.

We were warned when the trio’s current single Rain was released in July, that their sound had changed to something you could dance to. This I am not so sure about. However, all the tracks on the album to me have a very different individual feel to them. The theme isn’t consistent and for that I am glad. The album is politically charged and is very accurate to the world that now surrounds us. The album was posed by a single question asked by Sheehan’s son one day “Dad, what’s terrorism?” this simple question from an innocent child sparked this album to show everyone that you are allowed freedom to do what you want to do, to say what you want to say, to love who you want to love.

The tracks that could be potential singles to rock the charts after Rain is Rock my World and the Divided States of America. Keeping with the constant theme of this album which is freedom of expression and knocking down boundaries, Rock the World (which I heard Live for the first time in Derry last week)  is a track that gets everyone up and jumping around and a very good opening track for a gig and well placed in the album is track 4 “it’s gonna make the papers, this S***’s gonna hit the news” tells us that if something is enough to hit the headlines it will go down in history whether it is good or bad. On the other hand, Divided States of America has taken a different view and was written when Donald Trump took charge of America and everyone believed the world was going downhill fast. However, “if we don’t all stand together we will fall” and this is correct in more ways than one. This track could be a standout single on its own and personally, I feel it could certainly go straight to number one in many countries who are affected by political differences as it packs a punch straight to the heart of all that is going on in the world.

The only track that lets the album down is Make Up. For me, it is too slow. The lyrics are written well to empower every human being and allowing people to be who they want to be such as transgender “you don’t need makeup to cover your face love your beautiful now” and “yet he knows what society thinks when they see this man dressed so pretty in pink”. The only bad point I have is the slowness and nothing to do with the lyrics at all. This entire album is encouraging people to be who they want to be, whether it be gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans, straight or gender fluid. I praise The Script for including everyone no matter who they are wherever they are from.

The Script have shown us that despite being the world full of controversy, politically charged problems and instability; that we can be who we want to be. Freedom of expression allows us to be us. Take any chance you get and make it happen. “Find a dream and make it real”.

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