Album Review: Justice – Woman

Album Review: Justice - Woman

Back in 2007, the world of music was still reeling from a new emergence of Daft Punk. Shortly after that particular French duo proved to be bigger than anyone ever imagined, a whole slew of similar sounding bands with the same aesthetic began soaking up the aftermath of demand. The brightest of those bands was Justice. The first album combined electronic elements from the past, but also offered new insights that made the band a perfect fit for the times.

Much like the debut album, the duo’s third release Woman, brings those same ideas that made the band so popular so quickly. Frankly, the new record is very similar to the sounds the band has presented before, but there’s less setting them apart these days.

Segments of “woman” hone in on the concept of the band as an arena level dance act that also has the ability to rock like you’d expect a big rock band to do. One of the drawbacks though for me was how little they took the influences of their second album to pull into this third offering. Overall though, if you liked Justice before, you’re likely to at least be able to enjoy the new record.

Songs like track seven Stop manage to fit perfectly in the vein of what the band has always been exceptional at. It’s European dance at it’s best, gradually swaying on the dance floor, in no rush to push the limits of what they’re capable of. That’s not a bad thing though. You don’t always have to go high energy and in your face to get your point across.

In simple terms though, Justice remains a band perched nicely atop the normal musings of electronic, and the even incorporate rock music elements which ultimately sets them apart, even if this new record isn’t changing the world of music in the way their initial release did. Worth checking out, but not some big revelation like past records.


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