ALBUM REVIEW: Charm of Finches - Wonderful Oblivion


ALBUM REVIEW: Charm of Finches - Wonderful Oblivion

Melbourne, Australia-based indie-folk duo Charm of Finches recently released their third album, Wonderful Oblivion, via AntiFragile Music. The sisters, Mabel and Ivey Windred-Wornes, grew up busking and performing on festival stages throughout Australia. Their sound, described as "haunted folk tunes about love, grief, and whispering trees with their signature tight sibling harmonies and chamber-folk sound," is simultaneously graceful and bewitching.

In 2016, Charm of Finches released their debut album, Staring at the Starry Ceiling, which ABC Radio National named one of the year's best albums. Their sophomore album, Your Company, dropped in 2019. The album won the Independent Music Awards' Best Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album and was nominated for the 2020 Music Victoria Best Folk Album Award and the 2020 Australian Music Award.

Charm of Finches has won numerous national and international awards, appeared on Australian TV and graced multiple Spotify playlists, such as Fresh Folk, Lush + Ethereal, and Infinite Acoustic. Encompassing 11-tracks, entry points on the album include "Concentrate On Breathing," opening on the duo's alluring voices, flowing into a galloping rhythm topped by gilded, luminous guitars rippling with delicious textures.

"Gravity" summons up savours of Simon & Garfunkel, travelling on plush harmonic layers, trembling with gorgeous leitmotifs and the sisters' crème de la crème voices. "Miranda" travels on light, gleaming acoustic guitars and an elegant piano. The sonic blending of the sisters' luscious timbres imbues the lyrics with warm colouration as light; streaming string add tender aromas.

"Canyon," vaguely reminiscent of Bob Dylan, but much more beautiful, glides on gently undulating rhythmic pulses, while the divine voices of Mabel and Ivey deliver floating tones, oh so exquisite and velvety.

"Into The Well" features shimmering colours and then segues seamlessly into the title track. Soft, glistening guitars contrast the sumptuous radiance of the merged voices, infusing the lyrics with elusive hints of lingering, peaceful tones. Wow! Wonderful Oblivion goes beyond superb and enters the realm of ineffable. This is one of the best albums of the year.

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  1. I only discovered these two birds (pun!!!) very recently and have fallen in love with their music and style. I just bought ‘Wonderful Oblivion’ album via iTunes; ‘Canyon’ is mesmeric. So tragic I’m so old – but still a keen critique of music and these girls have it! Note (again as on web somewhere) to Ivy – never get your beautiful teeth fixed Hollywood straight !! The stars that have taken that perfect white smile look ridiculous (trust me). All the best…………

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