ALBUM PREMIERE: David Nevory – Seagazing

ALBUM PREMIERE: David Nevory - Seagazing

After dropping four brilliant new singles throughout 2021, singer-songwriter David Nevory releases his long-awaited debut album today. Seagazing is on all streaming platforms now (via Saint In The City Records), and is a timeless collection of warm, emotive indie-folk melodies and intimate pop-rock songwriting that showcases Nevory’s yearning voice and ear for a hooky chorus.

“The process of making my first full-length record feels special to me, because I really did every bit of writing, recording, producing myself and even the mixing and mastering,” explains Nevory. “It was pretty lonely and slow, yet incredibly fulfilling – and I can really say this is as personal as my music gets. ’Seagazing’ comes from a childhood experience that inspired me to write music in the first place and still feels like the base of all my lyrical expressions.

Every year in summer, my family took a 48-hour drive to a special place on the north coast of Spain, spending every single day of our vacation in this little paradise in the middle of nowhere. Compared to my home country Germany, my younger self couldn’t have felt a bigger contrast: sunlit landscapes, palm trees, beautiful coastlines and the lack of grey concrete cities, bad weather and bullies at school. Going back and forth between these two worlds has given me lyrical inspiration ever since – from finding peace in nature, longing to be in a far-away place and how it affects you and your relationships. This album, as the title says, is best listened to while gazing at the ocean – or at least imagining doing so with your eyes closed.”

David Nevory is a German singer-songwriter and producer with Cuban-American heritage. You could call him a little old fashioned when it comes to his favourite music, listing Bruce Springsteen and Simon & Garfunkel among his major musical influences. Despite grounding his music in classic rock, his songs have a contemporary feel to them reminiscent of The War On Drugs, Sam Fender or The Head & The Heart – and are as equally likely to be loaded with melancholy melodies and driving, reverb-laden guitars as they are to be intimately whispered into your ear as a twilight acoustic confessional.

Listen to ’Seagazing’ – BELOW:

Find David Nevory at, and now.

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