7 Safe and Cheap Vapes For Dummies

7 Safe and Cheap Vapes For Dummies 1

With the vaping market continuing to grow, more and more people are looking to break into the trend. Many people were initially using these vapes as a replacement for tobacco, but the legalization of Marijuana in several U.S. states is transforming the market. There are versatile vapes on offer in the market, but getting the right vape can be daunting. There are so many options on the market from cheap e-cigarettes to cheap vape pens, no beginner wants to drop a lot of money on a vape right when they're starting.

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More often than not, you want some of the vaporizer cheapest, and ones that are the simplest to operate. Vaporizers can get excessively complicated and expensive as well. So, if you’re looking for a cheap e-cigarette and cheap vape pens, this article is perfect for you. Keep reading to find seven safe and affordable vapes for dummies.

Kangertech Vapes

Kangertech offers some of the cleanest and most affordable vapes on the market. We’re looking at their Evod Starter Kit bundle, which is one of the best vape kits for beginners. Inside the package, you'll find an Evod dual coil tank and an Evod twist battery, which are available in eight incredible colours.

Additionally, you’ll find a few different accessories in the kit that includes; an atomizer, battery, micro USB charger, 650mAh battery, and a 2.5ml Pyrex tank. The clean design makes sure that you can see the amount of liquid inside the tank, and refill properly. It has a long-lasting battery and plenty of different safety features that make it accessible to beginners.

VaporFi Express Bundle

VaporFi is explicitly looking to target the beginners with the Express bundle. It's the perfect starter kit for people that are just looking to get started with vaping. What makes the Express bundle, so beginner-friendly is that it's a cig-a-like system. It's based on a cartridge system that lets users feel a powerful hit that's reminiscent of smoking.

Additionally, the flavours that VaporFi offers are traditional tobacco flavours and menthol flavours. These allow you to closely replicate the smoking experience, and make the transition to vaping quickly. The Express bundle is available for $49.99 and will enable you to pick a custom flavour.

Joyetech eGo

The Joyetech eGo is particularly recommended for beginners and is a very dependable option to pick. One of the best features is that you're free to refill with whatever e-liquid flavour brands you want. That means that as a beginner, you can go out and experiment with flavours freely to find which one suits your taste the best.

Additionally, the battery on this thing is going to last you a day on a full charge easily. It’s perfect if you want to transition from a cig-a-like system, towards a proper vaping system. The Joyetech eGo is available for $20.08 and is available with several different skins.

Joyetech Penguin

When you’re buying a new vape, the penguin-like design isn’t something that’ll be high on your list. However, the Joyetech Penguin is one of the best starter kits on the market. The penguin shape means that the design is compact, and you can easily carry it around anywhere.

Joyetech also includes their all-in-one tank with the Penguin, and that means you can freely try out different e-liquids. Lastly, if you're a fan of the Penguin like design, it's available in several different colours. Especially popular is the black and white design.

7 Safe and Cheap Vapes For Dummies

Eleaf iCare 2 Vaporizer

Eleaf is getting the formula right with the iCare2 vaporizer that is a brilliant choice for new users. It might have an unusual and boxy design, but it’s compact and portable. The reason why the iCare 2 Vaporizer is so suitable for beginners is that you can easily control your wattages.

It allows you to work your way up from vaping at a low wattage to a relatively high one. Additionally, it’s also a relatively safe investment to make, given the fact that it costs less than 20$. However, the low price doesn’t stop it from being a great introduction to the vaping world.

SMOK Stick

Smok is a well-known name in the vaping industry, and the Stick V8 vape is exceptionally popular among the beginners. It features a new airflow system that prevents leaking, and a large tank. The larger container is a welcome addition and means that you can hold more e-liquid in each tank.

It also incorporates a hinge system that makes filling the tank a simple job. The Stick V8 offers a very satisfactory amount of vapour production, as well as great taste. It might be slightly pricier than other options on the list at $36.95.

Twelve Juno

Lastly, rounding up our list of affordable vapes is the Twelve Juno, which is easily among the best cheap vape pen starter kits. It's a fantastic entry-level device for any beginner. It's available in a very sleek and stylish design and easy to carry anywhere.

The method is also secure for anyone to use and get started on their vaping journey. While it doesn't offer the same level of vapour production experts as it's definitely more than enough for newbies. Refilling the vape is a simple task, and it looks very discreet as well. Available for just $29.99, it's not going to be a burden on your wallet either.

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