VIDEO PREMIERE: TAN - 'Pharmacy' - Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: TAN - 'Pharmacy' - Watch Now

TAN has had a quick rise in the Danish electronic music scene, with their transcending take on dance music. Accompanied by dancers and drag queens, their live sets seem to continuously expand the forms of their retrofuturistic take on music into new territories, which makes TAN an interesting act to watch. TAN is planning the release of their debut album in spring 2020.

Their new track "Pharmacy" is the first single from their upcoming album. The song is an ode to the 90s dance scene with its pushing beat, build-ups around consistent and explosive synths, and is thematically inspired by warfare.

Quote: “PHARMACY” leans forward with its pushing beat, building up around consistent and explosive synths that are thematically inspired by warfare. Fittingly, we shot the official video in an old air military hanger outside of Berlin, which has been turned into this big, artificial tropical dream – or nightmare?

We produce everything ourselves. This year has been spent recording our entire album outside of Copenhagen in an old caravan that we made into our studio, eventually finding ourselves in Taiwan where the vocals for “PHARMACY” were recorded. Our setup is really small – synths, guitar and computers. It gives us the flexibility and freedom to be creative wherever and whenever we want.

Watch the video for 'Pharmacy' - BELOW:

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