VIDEO PREMIERE: Philippe Cohen Solal & Mike Lindsay - 'Scattering the fierce foeman (ft. Adam Glover & Hannah Peel)'

VIDEO PREMIERE: Philippe Cohen Solal & Mike Lindsay - 'Scattering the fierce foeman (ft. Adam Glover & Hannah Peel)'
Credit: G Jacquel

Today Friday 5th February, Philippe Cohen Solan (from Gotan Project) and Mike Lindsay (from Tunng) are releasing an album called ‘OUTSIDER’.

It's an album putting to music the work of a famous visual artist Henry Darger. It’s an album of lush, twisted 1950s/60s Americana with stunning, vintage analogue instrumentation.

The album is a musical and visual extrapolation of Darger, his obsession with the weather, his tormented Christian faith, deceptively naive paintings and lyrics to songs, that were never before set to music.

The record has been 5 years in the making and the brainchild of Philippe Cohen Solal, the million-selling artist, producer and composer who co-founded Gotan Project. Solal has been given exclusive, unprecedented access to Henry Darger’s estate comprising lyrics, poems and visual art and has brought together an epic collaboration with Mike Lindsay from acid folk group Tunng, Hannah Peel and the vocals of Adam Glover.

XS Noize is pleased to exclusively premiere the video for 'Scattering the fierce foeman (ft. Adam Glover & Hannah Peel)' from 'Outsider.'

"A song that makes sense, now more than ever, when it tells us to trust ourselves because we will emerge victorious from these trials. The video, produced by French animator Gabriel Jacquel, is directly inspired by Henry Darger's 5 main pieces of work. The almost psychedelic visual "mashup" is punctuated by vintage fireworks and the sudden appearance of the first child movie star, Shirley Temple, who strongly influenced Darger to create his Vivian Girls. The circle is complete”. - Philippe Cohen Solal

"Scattering originated with Philippe. He had the main melody with Dargers lyrics and chords before coming to London. Together in my studio basement, it morphed into this dirty victory song. Really beautifully raw distorted verses with power strings, but then this wonderfully uplifting sweet chorus chanting "Mowing, in the morning...". I love this transition and small hint at Henry Darger's actual life. Philippe told me that he took a job as a Lawn Mower as a teenager while he interned and got a lot of pleasure from it” - Mike Lindsay

Watch: 'Scattering the fierce foeman (ft. Adam Glover & Hannah Peel)' - BELOW:

Listen to ‘OUTSIDER’

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