VIDEO PREMIERE: Kris Angelis unveils the unique visuals for new single 'It’s Tumbling Me'

Kris Angelis

Kris Angelis makes music that is both personal and emotive and, when it comes to the accompanying visuals, incredibly unique. Perhaps nowhere is this showcased better than in and through the video for her new single, "It's Tumbling Me", which also offers fans a taste of what they can expect from her new album 'Damn Shame Waste', out on September 9th.

Kris shares that the song is: "…about feeling like you're still in the rough or troubled water that is just "under the bridge" to someone else - Simon & Garfunkel reference because they're awesome, and that song is amazing! But it's about taking your power back, letting go of things that at one point may have helped or protected you but are now holding you back, letting the pain and sadness wash over you, but ultimately having it clean, heal, reshape, and move you to where you're meant to be."

Asked about the visuals that accompany the song, she goes on to add: "To give a unique visual on this, I wanted to use UV paint mixed with water and have that be the only thing you can see. You don't know what you're looking at a lot of the time, and then it's suddenly revealed or becomes clear - also a metaphor for how life seems to work at times. There isn't a solid narrative like a lot of my videos have. I just wanted to create something visually captivating that enhances the song and that everyone can interpret how they choose. I like the idea of the light being what is revealed when you allow the darkness."

She notes of the creative process to the video: "It's maybe the simplest idea I've had for a music video but was challenging and took the longest to make because there were so many factors that had to go right all at the same time, and if we didn't get it, we had to clean up, and I had to shower between every take. Everything you see except the colour shifting in some of the shots is real. There is no CGI. Just neon paint and water being thrown at or poured over me under UV lights, and we just adjusted the contrast so that everything that isn't the paint is black.

We did it with a tiny crew, just me and Lee Holbrook filming and doing everything else for most of the days with assistance from Stephanie Hotchkin and Alix Angelis on a couple of the days where we needed extra hands. Lee has done all my videos for the past four years; he's amazing, and I'm so grateful!"

Watch the video for 'It’s Tumbling Me' - BELOW:

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