VIDEO PREMIERE: Jane N’ The Jungle – Ain’t No Other Way

VIDEO PREMIERE: Jane N’ The Jungle – Ain’t No Other Way

Arizona-based rock outfit Jane N’ The Jungle unleash their brand-new music video, “Ain’t No Other Way,” a galvanizing, hard-hitting audio-visual experience. The song’s title – “Ain’t No Other Way” – mirrors Jane N’ The Jungle’s determination to keep music first and foremost in their lives.

“Ain’t No Other Way” follows on the heels of the band’s previous music video, “Trouble,” featured on MTV, Music Choice, and Sirius XM.

Made up of lead vocalist Jordan White, whose dominant voice conjures up Pat Benatar and Hayley Williams, Brian Dellis (guitar), and Bryan Dague (bass), Jane N’ The Jungle’s sound blends the swanky dominance of heavy rock with hints of punk ferocity.

The video, directed by Jim Louvau and Tony Aguilera, was shot in Phoenix and Los Angeles. As the band pumps out surging rock energy amid smoke and neon lights, Jordan White struts her dazzling rock-star charisma as well as her ascendant, bewitching vocals, imbuing the lyrics with vast primitive power.

“Thought I had to choose / Thought I had to lose you, lose you / Ain’t it funny how / Chase the world to find you here / Ain’t no other way / Ain’t no other way.”

“Ain’t No Other Way” rolls out on oomph-laden guitars atop a Jovian rhythm as Jordan blisters the dynasphere with her unbridled timbres. An incandescent guitar solo infuses the tune with scorching licks, propelling the harmonics to lofty levels.

Simultaneously intoxicating and brimming with shivering passion and wild fun, “Ain’t No Other Way” heaves with sonic, swashbuckling bravado.

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